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Circling back…in Geezerville

Written by: Gary Julian

It is time to circle back to a few of the Geezerville blogs.  Stuff is happening. Here’s some follow-ups:

“No Apples in Geezerville:” I am now the proud owner of a Kindle and enjoying it very much.  When it arrived in our office direct from, it was immediately taken over by young staff. They had it out of the box, set up and were in total navigational control in approximately 4 minutes.  They finally handed it to me, as if to say, we’re done now and you can have it.

I appreciated that.

What I like about the Kindle is the portability of it when I travel and when I’m away from the office (in Geezerville). I love the ease of downloading from; since I buy books and music on that site regularly, my favorites and Amazon recommendations are all set up. I merely find a book I like and click “buy.”  The book in electronic format is inexpensive ($7 to $10) and it downloads in about 10 seconds. Wirelessly. No plugging into a computer.  I also have USA Today on the Kindle and it comes to me every day and yesterday’s issue disappears, unless I want to save it.

I downloaded “The Zen of Golf…Mastering the mental side of golf.”  It is not helping my scores, but I feel better about playing badly. I can highlight and click passages from the book and email to Geezer buddies. But I’m not doing that as they might start playing better. Not good.

I can put music on the Kindle, but I now download directly to my Blackberry from Amazon as well as Pandora radio.

So…still no Apples in Geezerville.

“Cultural Immersion…in Geezerville:” Geezerville now has a new Walmart; it has been open for a couple of months.  I must admit that I occasionally go out there to “shop” (read, walk around and see people). However, since this Geezerville is not my hometown where I grew up I don’t really see many people I know.  On occasion I do see someone I know and I stop and chat. Usually, I cannot remember their names.

It is interesting that Walmart is now the largest single employer in the county.  I always notice the ‘Greeters’ when I enter a Walmart   thanks to the old joke of retiring and becoming a Walmart Greeter.  However, in Geezerville, the Greeters are most often younger people.  I guess Walmart Greeter is a career track in Geezerville.

Not so good.

“Birkenstocks…in Geezerville:” I have finally given up the fight for acceptance and have stopped wearing my Birkenstock clogs in Geezerville.  I now wear moccasins or Birkenstock sandals, which no one notices. I still wear the Birkenstock clogs in Atlanta and no one notices. This, I think, is cultural awareness. I am now aware that if I push the envelope too far in Geezerville, I will be ridiculed.  I just cannot deal with that. It is easier to conform, as opposed to the 1970’s when I would have thrived on being different. Now, I just want to peacefully co-exist in Geezerville.

A modest goal I know.

“Electronic Surveillance…in Geezerville:” Remember Big Dirty Guy at the Waffle House? 6’5”, 300 pounds, with long hair, bushy beard down to his belt? And his skin is soot covered and nearly black from the many layers of grit?  Nearly every time I go into the Waffle House he is there at the counter, talking to anyone that will listen, or at least pretend to listen.  Sometimes, he will wander around the Waffle House and talk to the kids that are there with their parents.  The children get really scared and sometimes cry; they always scurry to the safety of their Mom’s arms. Does not deter Big Dirty Guy. Apparently, he loves talking to children.

When last I saw him he was venting on being laid off from his job.  This past weekend, he was in his usual spot at the counter when I and Geezer buddies came in for breakfast before golf.  I noticed that he had an oxygen line hooked into his nose and had a portable oxygen tank with him. He was talking to someone and I heard chemo and scar. I stopped listening. Too bad for Big Dirty Guy.  A sad note.

But here’s the big news: When he was leaving I heard a waitress say “Bye Gary, see you later.”

GARY?? His name is GARY?? Big Dirty Guy is GARY? ?

Say it ain’t so.

“Social Networking…in Geezerville:” Wow. Geezer buddy that put his profile on is BUSY. When we play golf he tells stories of how many women are sending him messages and “winks” and that he is stressed just responding to the traffic.  This is…amazing. He now has a new girlfriend from Geezer buddy 2 and I are happy for him.

Remember, technology is the Great Connector in our lives and helps us find the “hole in the fence” to go to new places. But..really? A new girlfriend? In Geezerville?

Exactly how powerful is this technology thing?


  darla eden wrote @

have you tried on the new blue XL vest yet ? i will look for you when i get there…..heard you were big winner at bingo night….didn’t see you writing about that ? … did you get all those numbers in a row ? also, for next week’s topic, what is the special on Wednesday on the 4:30 buffet ? don’t forget to sign up for the Colonoscopy bus at the Waffle House parking lot next week. finally, write more about the Kindle…does it have XL font ? having fun with it, ….. all the best, darla

  Jeff W wrote @

My vote: don’t give up on birkenstocks just yet. At least in the privacy of your home.

  Lee Ellen wrote @

Maybe big dirty Gary is what happens if you stay in Geezerville long enough!

  CyndaP wrote @

Thanks for the follow up. It sure is busy in Geezerville.

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